Tirin Kôr and Greifenstein


tirinkorTirin Kôr is an old school Black Metal project from Austria. Raw tunes, raw voices and a raw feeling. This is cold art at its best.


With his Grifenstein project, this artist combines Black Metal with great melodies to create an unique atmosphere.


Tragic Cause

tragic-cause-logo tragiccauseTragic Cause sound like a German Thrash Metal panzer explosion, but much louder!










moloch_logoMoloch is an Ambient Black Metal artist from Ukraine. His lyrical themes are Individualism, Nihilism, Dark Side of Nature, Desolation, Negativity and Darkness


hassmord-logoFrom Hannover, Germany, Hassmord startet in 2009 as a sideproject. With their very first album, they get well known all over the country. Their style is hate driven high speed Black Metal.




Gebrechlichkeit are from Hannover, Germany. They play Raw Black Metal with a touch of coldness, rage and despair.  After three full length albums, they joined forces with Human To Dust, to create something, the world never expected.